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Tackle & Equipment

The familiarity of your own fishing tackle is always reassuring on any fishing trip and New Zealand is no exception.  Some anglers bring a variety of rod/line combinations to cover the wide variety of rivers, streams and small creeks in our fishery. The three best line weights to cover all areas are 4,5 and 6. If you are only going to bring one rod the best option would be a medium to firm action 5 weight or a light action 6 weight. All rods should be 8 1/2 to 9 feet.

A good quality reel with at least 75 yards of backing is required, fly lines        should be double taper or weight forward floating and, like clothing, dull   colours such as dark green or grey. Yellow, orange or or other brightly coloured lines are not suitable for our clear water conditions. For airline travel a 4-piece rod is far less trouble than a 2-piece and the action of a 4-piece is no longer a compromise. Your 4-piece can be carried on board and stored in the overhead locker. You should also bring an assortment of tapered leaders from 9 to 15 feet and tippet material should be fresh monofilament or fluorocarbon in 4, 5 and 6x.


Western Rivers Lodge guides will supply flies for you to use that have been developed for specific rivers or times of day/season. Many North American and European flies work very well here and standard patterns are in regular use in New Zealand, We recommend the following selection for your New Zealand fishing trip.

Dry Flies

Royal, white & grey Wulffs sizes 10, 12, 14
Humpies 10, 12, 14
Blue Dunns 12, 14, 16
Adams 10, 12, 14, 16
Black Gnats 10, 12, 14, 16
Green Beetle 12, 14


Weighted Hare & Copper 8, 10, 12, 14
Gold Ribbed Hares Ear 8, 10, 12, 14
Pheasant Tail 12, 14, 16, 18
Caddis (white & green) 10, 12, 14

In many ways the tackle and equipment that we use is the same as many parts of the world. by paying attention to small details such as dull coloured clothing and fly lines you will feel right at home on our rivers and maximize your chances of catching those "fish of a lifetime'.

fishing tackle

New Zealander's are for the most part not bound by formality so casual clothing is appropriate for your trip "Downunder".
During the summer fishing season we like to wade wet due to the walking involved. A pair of polypropylene longjohns under shorts is the uniform of choice. Early or late in the season lightweight waders are more popular with our guests. On top a t-shirt or undershirt of breathable material under a long sleeved cotton shirt is favoured.
A small backpack is useful for carrying a wool sweater, raincoat and other personal items such as a camera.

Note that it is essential that all clothing, including hat should be of subdued colours - dark green, brown, beige or camouflage. Leave those bright yellow rain jackets at home. Anglers also need a wide brimmed hat and a pair of polaroid glasses are essential for spotting trout. We have found that yellow or amber tinted lenses work well in New Zealand conditions. For your feet we suggest rubber soled wading boots with a combination inner bootie and gravel guard (note that felt soled boots are not allowed, so as to combat the spread of Didymo in our rivers).

New Zealand enjoys a temperate climate with summer daytime temperatures averaging 72 degrees F falling to as low as 40 degrees at night. The weather can be fickle and it is important to be prepared with a waterproof rain coat. We strongly advise you carry a broad spectrum 15+ sunblock, as the sun is very potent. You will also need insect repellent to combat the NZ sandfly which although non-infectious will administer a bite that will cause swelling and itching. Western rivers Lodge is very casual so in the evenings a pair of slacks and open neck shirt for men and a casual outfit or dress for the ladies is the usual attire. again leave those suit jackets, ties and cocktail dresses at home.
A jersey or sweater is useful for cooler evenings.


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